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McGeary Certified Organic Grains & Feed Ingredients

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From the company's beginning, McGeary Grain has committed to providing the feed industry with high quality feed components. A key ingredient to our success has been the ability to establish long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity and reliability.

Our strength in this extremely competitive market is our conservative approach to the conventional grain and feed market, helping the eastern grain farmers bring their crops to market, as well as support the large and small feed manufacturers with quality ingredients and specialty grains, delivered as requested at a reasonable cost.

Our Variety of Grains & Feed Ingredients:

Alfalfa Products
Flax Seed Meal
High Bypass Proteins
Hominy Feed
Sunflower Meal
Soy Oil
Roasted Soybeans
Wheat Bran & Midds
Soybean Meal
Yeast Products
Diatomaceous Earth

Our Variety of Grains & Feed Ingredients:

small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
Flax Seed
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
small pile of grain
Sunflower Seed
small pile of grain

We do not have all these grain ingredients on hand at all times (these products we can get in by the truckload, and may not be able to get less than that quantity). Please call us if you have interest in the products, but we may not be able to fill small orders (less than truckload) on all of these products.

For large orders of organic grain over 500 lb. please call 800-624-3279 or contact us for discounts and direct shipping rates.

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McGeary Organics offers a variety of certified organic grains and ingredients available sacked or for bulk sale. Containers for export are available. Some organic grains may not be available at all times due to the seasonal nature of the market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for other organic grain items that are not listed here.

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