The Best Recipes Start with Daisy Organic Flour

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Whether it's an award-winning pie crust, a batch of your famous Christmas cookies or a wholesome loaf of homemade bread, you'll love the results you can get with Daisy Flour.

Milled the old-fashioned way at our historic Annville Mill, Daisy organic flour retains all the best parts of the grain, resulting in a soft, light, airy texture that brings out the best in your favorite dishes from entrees to desserts.

Want to learn the history behind Daisy Flour's unique milling process?

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Try all 4 Daisy Organic flour varieties and see the difference for yourself!


Available in white and whole wheat varieties, our all-purpose organic flour is a uniform blend of our soft, fine pastry flour and our high-protein bread flour. Perfect for any all-purpose flour recipe.


Our flagship pastry flour is made from locally-grown soft organic winter wheat. The fresh, fine texture of this flour is perfect for pie crust, cookies, donuts, pretzels, cakes, waffles and other fine pastries.


Milled from organic hard red winter wheat, our organic bread flour is available in both white and whole wheat. A high protein count ensures light, high-rising bread. Also works in many all-purpose flour recipes.


Made from ancient grain, spelt flour produces a sticky dough with a satisfying nutty taste. Containing medium-level protein, spelt flour is a perfect substitute for all-purpose flour in many popular recipes.

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