Organic Fertilizer - Natural Nutrients to Fortify Your Lawn & Garden

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  • 2-3-4 - Vegetable & Fruit Fertilizer

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    Our organic garden fertilizer provides well-balanced nutrition for most fruit and vegetable crops. Formulated with a high potassium ratio favored by most fruits and vegetables. BUY NOW
  • 3-5-3 - Flower & Plant Starting Fertilizer

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    This organic phosphorus fertilizer provides the ideal phosphorus level for starting seeds. Organic phosphorus fertilizer also encourages flowering, which makes it an especially effective organic garden fertilizer for flowers and bulbs. BUY NOW
  • 5-3-4 - General Purpose Fertilizer

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    Our most popular blend among farmers, landscapers and home gardeners, this rapid-response organic fertilizer performs well in a variety of applications and is the best organic grass fertilizer for a lush, green lawn. BUY NOW
  • 6-0-4 - Organic Low Phosphorous Fertilizer

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    The perfect organic grass fertilizer in areas with phosphorus restrictions, our low phosphorus fertilizer is also an excellent general purpose fertilizer for gardens and farm crops where fertilizers have been overused. BUY NOW
  • 8-1-1 - Green-Up & Side Dress Fertilizer

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    This high nitrogen fertilizer was designed for use as a mid-season side dress for row crops but can also be used to correct nitrogen deficiencies in the lawn or garden. BUY NOW
  • 8-0-0 - Corn Gluten Fertilizer

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    Made from all-natural corn gluten meal, our corn gluten fertilizer is a high nitrogen source and effective natural weed preventative when applied in early spring before weed seedlings germinate. Use corn gluten meal fertilizer as an all-natural alternative to other weed preventatives or toxic sprays. BUY NOW

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Whether you want lush, green grass, brilliant flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables free from harmful chemicals, put your trust in McGeary Organics' organic fertilizers, the brand farmers, landscapers and home gardeners turn to for the best results year after year.

McGeary Organics custom-blended, all-natural organic fertilizers start with high quality compost as a base that feed plants gently and naturally. This gives plants just what they need to build strong cells that resist pests and diseases, making your job easier.

No manure. No harmful chemicals.

Just healthy nutrients that improve your soil over time, increase drainage and aeration and encourage deep root penetration and enhanced water retention - a great combination for healthy, thriving plants of all types.

Choose the organic fertilizer below that's best for you or refer to McGeary Organics Fertilizer Application Guide for specific recommendations and guidelines.

Nearly all of McGeary Ogranics' fertilizers are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. They conform to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards.

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