McGeary Organics Horticultural 5-3-4 Soil-Less Fertilizer

McGeary’s horticultural fertilizer consists of McGeary Organics 5-3-4 blended with micronutrients. This fertilizer will supply plants growing in soil-less medias such as peat, bark, or coir with nutrients that these substrates do not contain.

Note: This fertilizer is not allowed for use in soils by organic certifiers due to NOP regulations requiring a soil test that shows a need for micronutrients before micronutrients are added.
Unlike most soil-less medias which are largely inert, it is essentially impossible to find a soil that requires all of the micronutrients contained in McGeary Organics Horticultural 5-3-4.


General Recommendations:

The guidelines below are general recommendations, for specific recommendations and best results refer to a recent soil test.

McGeary Organics Horticultural is formulated specifically for soil-less medias. Certified organic growers should not use this product in soils.

In most transplant applications 16 pounds per cubic yard (9.5 kg per cubic meter) of growing media is a good rate. Trials have shown that nitrogen will diminish at approximately 8 weeks depending on temperature and irrigation.ยท It is therefore advisable to apply a top dress every 6 to 8 weeks at a rate of 1.25 oz per gallon (9.5 g per liter) of media.

Starting seeds:
Although McGeary Organics Horticultural 5-3-4 has been successfully used at the transplant rate listed above to start seeds, it might be advisable to halve the rate, particularly with sensitive seeds and in medias containing compost.

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