McGeary Organics 6-0-4 Low Phosphorus Fertilizer

McGeary Organics 6-0-4 was formulated for use in areas with phosphorus restrictions due to water quality concerns, and in soils with excessive phosphorus from over manuring or fertilization. McGeary Organics 6-0-4 is an excellent general purpose fertilizer and can be used on lawns, gardens, and farm crops.

General Recommendations:
The guidelines below are general recommendations, for specific recommendations and best results refer to a recent soil test. On most applications 400 lb per acre is a good starting point. This is approximately equal to 1 lb per 100 ft2 (square feet).

Yard & Garden:

Vegetables and fruits: see the McGeary Organics Fertilizer Application Guide for Vegetables and Fruits. Recommendations range from 4 to 10 lb per 100 ft2 depending on the crop grown. check out organic gardening also!
Flowering annuals: apply 4 lb per 100 ft2 prior to planting and 4 lb per 100 ft2 again in mid summer.
Flowering perennials: apply 4 lb per 100 ft2 prior to shoot growth in the spring, and again in late fall for late blooming plants.
Flowering perennials and shrubs: apply 1lb per 100 ft2 in the spring and 2.5 lb per 100 ft2 on the fall.Ornamental trees and shrubs: should be fertilized once in the early spring prior to new shoot growth. Apply 5 pounds to evergreen trees, and 8 pounds to deciduous trees. For small trees (under 15 feet) and shrubs use 1 to 3 pounds.
Lawns: made up of cool season grasses such as Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Rye Grass, Tall Fescue and Fine Fescue, and Bent Grass apply 20 pounds per 1000 sq ft in the spring after the flush of rapid growth slows. Apply and additional 20 pounds in the mid to late fall. For lawns made up of warm season grasses such as Bahia, Bermuda, Blue Grama, Buffalo, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia should be fertilized 20 pounds per 1000 sq ft in early spring. Apply an additional 20 pounds mid summer. For general information on lawns see lawn organic fertilizer.

Corn use 100 lb of 6-0-4 per 25 bushels of expected yield. This should be adjusted based on manure applications and existing soil nutrients as determined by soil testing. Ideally this should be incorporated just prior to planting.

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