Healthy Eggs, Healthy You

We all know we are what we eat, but how often do we stop to consider that what we eat is what it eats, too? Because of the multitude of toxins we humans have introduced into the environment, everything from sharks to fish to phytoplankton is poisoned. These toxins aren’t as dangerous in trace amounts, but large quantities can pile up in a creature’s system and cause serious health problems, like mercury poisoning. This happens not only with things like seafood, but with eggs, chickens, cattle – anything you can imagine. The poisons and illnesses may be different, but the premise is the same: we are sickening our bodies with what we put into them. That’s why it’s important for us to eat organic foods, including meats and poultry that were raised on organic feed. Organically fed hens produce fresh, organic eggs. Health produces health, and your health is our priority.

McGeary Organics, a company that cares, is committed to cultivating a healthier planet and a healthier you. We guarantee that all of our products, whether they be fertilizer, feed, daisy flour, or grain, are organic, all natural, and nutritious choices for you and your families, plants, and animals. Why organic, you ask? Besides the buildup of chemical substances that can occur, the processed, “efficient” feed most commonly used today can actually be harmful to the animals. Did you know that the chickens of today are much larger than they used to be? This isn’t due to better feed or selective breeding; it’s because the chickens can’t process the components of the seed. The excess is stored inside their cells and becomes fat, resulting in the plump, three-person chickens you see today. Some become so fat they are unable to walk, waiting for the day they go to the slaughter.

That is not a healthy or humane way to live.

Instead, we can provide your chickens with a better way of life.

We offer a rich selection of feeds that nurture farm animals from birth to adulthood, so you can care for them from start to finish. For example, we have the Organic Layer Developer, “Layer” meaning hens either preparing to or already laying their eggs. Other options include the Organic Layer Mash and the Organic Layer Pellet, which are alike I nutritional value but differing in consistency. The mash is used as soon as egg laying begins and is continued during egg production. It, like all other provided feed, is meant to be served with plenty of fresh water. Both are made with a mixture of corn, soybean oil, yeast culture, kelp, wheat middlings, and other healthy, certified organic feed products. They come with a guaranteed analysis of contents by the pound; a breakdown of nutrition on the McGeary Organics label. The products are United States Department of Agriculture and Quality Assurance International certified, and are guaranteed to be held to the highest of quality standards.

Organic fed hens are happy hens. Organic layers are happy layers. Their health – and yours – begins with what they eat.

Make your chickens happy. Buy organic.

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